Valuation of Business in Divorce Case

How do I value my spouse’s business in our divorce case?

One of the most complicated features of a divorce action is the valuation of a closely-held business. The first determination must be as to whether or not an expenditure of the funds requisite to value a closely-held business is appropriate in your divorce case. Only a competent and experienced family law attorney can assist you in making that decision.

If the decision is made to pursue a valuation of a closely-held business, your lawyer will make a recommendation as to which business valuator should be retained to make a valuation determination.

Your family law attorney will work closely with that evaluator to ensure that the review is done in a manner that will be accepted by the family law court and, most importantly, in a manner in which the family law court is likely to accept in making their decision as to the valuation of a closely-held business.

Effective and competent negotiation as to how to structure a property division settlement involving a closely-held business will be a paramount concern in your divorce case.

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