Why do I need a lawyer in a divorce case?

Why do I need a lawyer in a divorce case? Having an attorney by your side throughout your divorce process is important, it is practical, and it will lead to the best results possible in your case.

There are complicated issues in every divorce case. Issues regarding legal custody and physical placement of minor children are not only emotionally draining, but can be legally significant and complicated.

Calculations with respect to child support and issues as to whether or not overtime, bonuses, other income should be considered in the calculation of child support and what credits or deductions should be made therefrom for health insurance expenses and other expenses related to the children can pose complexities that are best served by asking an attorney for their advice.

If your divorce case may involve the payment of maintenance, you definitely need competent legal counsel in your corner to prepare your case for trial, explain the complexity of maintenance law to you, and most importantly to be an effective advocate in court so that your goals can be met.

The issue of property division goes beyond the simplistic idea that we should divide the marital estate equally. Determining what assets are properly part of the marital estate; what liabilities are properly part of the marital estate is just the beginning of the legal complexities associated with your divorce case. Determining what property is a result of a gift or inheritance will involve an analysis that would benefit from the input of a trained attorney.

Valuation of pension plans, businesses, real estate, even personal property, can all be done more effectively, efficiently, and accurately with the advice and counsel of an attorney.

At Darrow & Dietrich, S.C., we have established a long-standing reputation of being effective, forceful, and prepared advocates for our divorce clients. Our experience is a valuable asset that can be used by you to ensure a result that will meet your strategies, your goals, and your expectations.

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